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My Journey into Ruby: Modules

Let's talk about modules in Ruby, how they differ to classes, why are they useful and how does the Ruby method lookup works.

Install MySQL using Docker

I've been a Docker user for a long time, in order to accomplish a course I was doing on databases I had to install MySQL in my machine. As I'm a bit reluctant to the idea of installing software that I might stop using in short time I learned how to install MySQL using Docker, here are the instructions!

My Journey into Ruby: Beginnings

I've been using Python and Node for most of my professional life in backend work. This time I had to learn Ruby + Ruby on Rails, I want to relate my findings and teach some concepts I've been learning in the meantime.

Rebasing in Git to maintain history's health

Have you ever felt that the Git history of your project is becoming a big mess and when you need to find out why a change was made you encounter a lot of small commits that were just adding tiny bits of code that you forgot to add in previous commits? Well, this also happened to me.

Mocking and patching in Python for unit testing

Doing unit tests means that you may have to prevent calling an external API in order to prevent extra costs or basically to ensure that your logic works correctly without relying on 3rd party services. Here I teach you how to stub calls to 3rd party libraries.

Install Docker Community Edition in Linux Mint

Installing Docker Community Edition in Linux Mint is a bit different than Ubuntu. Here I show you the instructions